Bluhm & Associates Land Surveyors Inc.

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A Brief History:

Founded in May 1993, Bluhm & Associates, is an established surveying firm, with many ties to the community.

The Owner: Kevin Bluhm

Kevin Bluhm, P.L.S. Has been surveying in Western Washington since 1979 giving a broad background from Cadastral Surveys for the U.S.F.S and various timber companies, to construction staking in developments. Kevin is very knowledgeable and helpful in all phases of development including design and road layouts.

The business residence started in Kevin Bluhm's Chehalis home office then later moved to a temporary on Kresky Ave. in Chehalis, near Sunbirds Shopping Center. But, this location did not last long. We purchased a building located at 1068 South Market Boulevard on the corner of 11th Street (by Safeway). The building is a 1920's style home and has been converted into a fully operational surveying facility to serve the public in its surveying needs.  In 2007 an adjacent office building was added on site to accomodate the company's continued growth.